Viruses, Spyware, and Malware Removal

The term "Computer Virus" is most commonly used as a catch-all phrase to include all these virus types

  • Malware
  • Spyware
  • Trojans
  • Root Kits
  • Adware
  • Worms
  • TDSS - Web Browser Redirecting to other sites.
Most computer infections these days use a scare tactic to try and steal your credit card information. These types of infections just keep popping up on your system, and stop most anti-virus programs from running it also blocks all programs from opening sometimes saying its infected with a win32 virus. Not last but least they block you from the internet. Here is a list of some of the ones we have removed in 2011
  • Zero Access Rootkit is a brand new wave of viruses that corrupts your internet connection upon removal on the infected machine.
  • FBI Virus Removal (Fake alert)
  • Privacy Protection
  • Win 7 Security 2012
  • XP Security 2012
  • Vista Security 2012
  • Windows Recovery "Hides Icons, Pictures, Documents, and Start Menu Items"
  • WindowsRestore Hides everything as well and tells you your Hard Drive is Failing
  • Anti- Virus 2012 and so on ...

These type of infections piggy back themselves onto web sites and come up as a pop up that says scanning your pc. It then adds itself to the windows start up and windows system files. These are hard to stop from infecting your computer because they come up with new ones every day. So if your anti-virus does not have the update for that certain infection, it can't stop it.
We offer Pensacola virus removal, FBI fake alert is infecting many computers and is freaking the computer user out with the technology to turn on the webcam, and show their face. Our Computer Service of Pensacola area will take care of this nasty malware infection and help the customer prevent future infections. "The FBI has issued a warning about a new version of a “drive-by” virus that locks users’ computers, tells them they’ve violated federal law and demands they pay a fine through a prepaid card service." So if you have this FBI Virus "Reveton Trojan" "Ransomware" and need it removed call the Computer Services of Pensacola for virus removal in Pensacola. Always remember Low Cost Pensacola Computer Repair for all your computer needs.

Low Cost Pensacola Computer Repair can remove any type of computer infection one way or another. So let us be your Pensacola viurs removal, and give us a call so your computer will be running normal in no time.

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